Operation 8

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Delta Green has heard rumors of suspicious happenings in and around two copper mines in southwestern New Mexico. Cell A sent two Delta Green friendlies to work at the mines to see what they could find out. The two friendlies cover is that of labor organizers. As with most Delta Green friendlies, their cover identities are real. Jose Green and John Thornton have organized labor unions at many industrial sites including mines. Apparently, the working conditions at the mines are appalling and some of the miners contacted the IWW, a national labour organization and asked for help. Delta Green arranged for the friendlies to be sent. The Mine owners, are of course, unaware that Green and Thornton are Labor Organizers.

Agents Mandy and Marshall have been assigned as "handlers" for the friendlies. The friendlies were to make regular reports to them on their status. This is the first report you received.

=====Email from Jose Green========================

Dear Friends,

I need your help.

I write now because John was killed in an

I'm convinced the mine company murdered him
because of his organizing activity, but I need help
proving it. The local police, as usual, belong to the
mine owners and are no help at all! If we could prove
that John was murdered. We could bring in the feds
and maybe get some justice. Can you help?
I know that you have some skill at
digging up evidence. I also realize that
this particular problem is a bit prosaic and mundane,
compared to those you are used to.

Please be careful. This is a small town and your
arrival will be noticed. It's like the old west out here!
I really don't know what's best-maybe you should come as a bindle stiff and hire
on, or maybe you could find out more as a well-off
visitor or businessman. I get the strong impression that
the mine owners are not looking for investors, so that
ploy is probably no good. But you're the expert in such

You can find me at the Silver Spur Saloon on Saturday evenings, payday here.
Otherwise, I live at the workers' housing at the Copper Lady pit. Don't forget,
it's a secret from the company that I'm an organizer, so
don't say anything to anyone here about that.

If they found out about John, they may or may not know about
me. We have to watch our steps these days!

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Your friend, Jose' Green
=================End of Email============================

Cell A has instructed you to gather your team and investigate the death of John Thornton.
It is not recommended to use your regular federal agent identities. Any federal involvement will certainly be noticed.
An identity has been created for Agent Marshall as a Department of the Interior Mine inspector.
Use it at your discretion, it may attract more attention than you want.

Here is the information you have so far:

The Beasley Mining Co.
Offices: 28 Main Street, Coppertown, New Mexico.
Officers: President William Beasley, V.P. Edward
lncorporated: May 19, 2000 in New Mexico.
Capital:about $5 million (no shares).
Property:20 unpatented claims and 1 mill site, about 560
acres of land on the N. side of Devil's Mountain, 5 miles
from Coppertown, New Mexico.

Development: main developments are two claims, Broad
Vein and the Copper Lady, both incline shafts cut into
porphyry copper deposits.

Operation Seven

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TO: Agents and friendlies of Cells M, Q, and Y
FROM : Cell A
SUBJECT : Contact from Delta Green Friendly

The following voice message was received at the Delta Green Server from Dr. Willis Hargrave a former NASA researcher and DG friendly.
Dr. Hargrave lives in Gove, KS. The area around Gove has recently been put under CDC quarantine for an Anthrax outbreak.


"the shuttle crashed
...quarantine.. .not anthrax...media blackout...."

Travel to Gove,KS, contact Dr Hargrave, and find out what is going on. You will have to use your credentials to get into the quarantine area or otherwise sneak in.

The Following recent news stories relate to the Shuttle.

"The space shuttle Atlantis lifted off on schedule at
8:45 this morning from the Kennedy Space Center
at Cape Canaveral. Several hours into the flight, all
systems are go on this, the most ambitious of
shuttle missions since the disastrous Challenger
flight of 1986. Mission Control at the Houston
Space Center indicates a smooth flight so far. CBS
News will follow the flight of Atlantis during its
history-making two weeks in space."

CHARLES KURALT: There was concern at
Mission Control early this morning when Atlantis
flight commander Gordon McAfee reported that the
shuttle had just passed through a 'glowing cloud.'
Aside from a slight jump in external radiation
levels, the shuttle has experienced no difficulties.
NASA scientists have refused to speculate on the
nature of the cloud.
This is the third day of a planned two-week
voyage for Atlantis.
We have in our studios the noted space
scientist, Dr. Karl Leathergan. What do you believe
the shuttle encountered, Dr. Leathergan?
DR. LEATHERGAN: Charles, we are only beginning
to understand the mysteries of the universe.
This cloud through which the craft passed
resembles the so-called 'firefly' phenomenon
encountered by John Glenn in the first U.S. orbital
flight during the early Mercury missions. That, as
you recall, proved to be probably nothing more
than crystallized waste products from the craft
But this incident is different. I believe it to be
caused by the Earth's magnetic field, probably in
conjunction with the Van Allen Belts of highintensity
radiation. A cloud of gas or ions was
trapped and contained by the powerful magnetic
fields of our planet, pulled from the Van Allen E M
and maintained as a glowing cloud, much as
reported by Atlantis.
The radiation burst reported by Colonel Gordon
McAfee, my close personal friend, corroborates the

The view is from a camera positioned in the shuttle
bay. Astronaut McAfee is performing an EVA in the
shuttle bay, working to retrieve a malfunctioning
He loses a tool that floats off, and the camera
pans to follow the tool. As the tool drifts by, the
camera picks up an brief glow emanating from the
shuttle's side, then its bay, after which the glow
moves toward the airlock, leaving the camera's
view. The TV commentator wonders aloud what
caused the glow. The live pickup from the shuttle
transmits one of the other astronauts asking "Mac"
(Colonel McAfee) to hurry up and come inside,
"We're picking up a higher radiation reading than
we should be."
The camera's view picks up McAfee moving
back toward the airlock door as the voice linkup
with the shuttle breaks, followed almost at once by
the camera winking out. The scene returns to
Mission Control. (pause) "And we've lost the feed
from Atlantis. Our live coverage will return
momentarily with a statement from Mission Control.
In New York, here is Bernard Shaw.

Houston's Mission Control reported this afternoon
that a serious malfunction aboard Atlantis prevents
voice and image communication with the shuttle
craft for the time being.
NASA spokesmen emphasized that telemetrical
communication continues, and that the flight of
Atlantis is not threatened. A news conference to
answer questions about the situation has been
scheduled for 1 Oam Central time tomorrow.

Reports continue to circulate throughout the Arabspeaking
world, claiming that the communications
breakdown suffered by Atlantis was fabricated by
the United States, in order to test a nuclear
targeting device over the Persian Gulf.
A State Department spokesman indicated this
morning that there was no basis to the rumors,
terming them so ridiculous as not to need formal
Atlantis-prompted riots have broken out in Cairo
and Karachi, and a major protest and rally is
schedule in Tehran this afternoon.

CABLE CHANNEL 81 (The Hot One)
This is Wayne Rucksacker, with the latest Atlantis
rumors for all you conspiracy fans.
First off, a double-wacker: ITEM! The glowing
streak appearing on camera shortly before the
communications breakdown was the creep of a
thermite sabotage fire (thermite is hot stuff, folks!)
that the Japanese set to destroy the spacecraft,
preventing us from making some crucial tests to
grow complete transistors in outer space. And
here's the.twist: NASA is going to stage a crash
landing in the Pacific next week, hoping that the
Soviets will believe that Atlantis successfully
stationed her ultra-secret NDD over the Persian
Gulf. Wack! By the way, NDD stands for Nuclear
Dispensation Device. Wow! 'This is a dangerous
world, Senator.' Wack!
ITEM! Here are the last moments of Atlantis!
This is pirated tape, folks, so get those VCRs
ready: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 wack! This is half speed.
See that glow? Look at that! It actually flowed over
the edge of the shuttle. Need I remind you what
happened when we could NO LONGER SEE?

Operation 6

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TO: Agents and friendlies of Cells M, Q, and Y
FROM : Cell A
SUBJECT : Death of Kyle Woodson

Agent Marshall has been contacted by Ramsey Swartz, a billionaire philanthropist. Mr.Swartz is looking to hire investigators to look into the death of one of his employees, Kyle Woodson. Kyle Woodson is a former colleague of Agent Marshall and Mr. Swartz sought him out hoping he would be interested in looking into his death in a freelance capacity. Cell A believes there may be supernatural involvement in the Death of Kyle Woodson. All available agents of Cells M,Q, and Y should aid Agent Marshall in the investigation. Keep in Mr. Swartz is NOT a delta green friendly do not disclose anything to him.

Mr. Swartz would like you to meet him in 2 days at his offices in San Francisco.

---End of Message ------

What You Know About AFAR and Ramsey Schwartz

AFAR stands for the American Foundation for Antiquarian
Research. Founded in 1927, the organization has served as a body
to fund, evaluate, and publish the work of archaeological
researchers. Although AFAR began as a tiny, primarily academic
organization, in recent years it has risen to a position of some
prominence. In 1990, billionaire Ramsey Schwartz began making
massive contributions to the organization. As a result, AFAR now
sponsors numerous archaeological projects all over the world, and
hosts an annual archaeological symposium in San Francisco.
Little is known about Ramsey Schwartz beyond his fabulous
wealth, philanthropic streak, and diverse hobbies. Widely
praised (or reviled) as quirky and eccentric, Schwartz was one of
the crop of new American tycoons, who include such names as
Trump, Perot, and Gates. His generous contributions to AFAR
have earned him a prominent position on the organization’s
board of directors, a position he has been heard to say he enjoys far more than business.

What Agent Marshall Knows About Kyle Woodson

Kyle Woodson. You recognize the name instantly. He was there
with you in Belize, back in 2002. It all ended so badly!
In the summer of 2002, the University of Pennsylvania, in
cooperation with the Programme for Belize, sponsored a field
season in northern Belize. You (and about sixty other people)
went there. The expedition was directed by Dr. Paul Hughbanks,
who wanted to complete a new survey of a large, empty stretch
of northern Belize, as well as conduct several excavations.
The season was very unlucky, with equipment failures, transportation
troubles, and logistical mishaps from the very beginning.
After a particularly nasty stomach bug swept through
camp, the season finally started to look up when a survey team
heard rumors of a large, unregistered site in the nearby jungle, a
place called El Cacao. There was no record of the place, and
nobody had ever excavated there or even surveyed the place. Dr.
Hughbanks leapt at the news, hoping that a major find might turn
the season around. The only voice of protest raised was from
Kyle Woodson. Kyle pointed out that the group had no permits
to dig at El Cacao and that drug smugglers (the second most
common life form in Belize, right after mosquitoes) were supposed
to be lurking in the area. Hughbanks would not be dissuaded,
however. He assembled a survey team, and set out on the
long hike to El Cacao.
The team got to the ruins, only to find that they weren’t
deserted. A large band of cocaine smugglers was camping among
the mounds. Before anyone knew what was happening, four students
were dead and the traffickers were chasing the survey team
all the way back to the camp. The season ended right then and
there. You always thought you were lucky to make it out alive.
There were investigations and recriminations, of course. Dr.
Hughbanks lost his tenure, his job, and any chance of ever doing
archaeology again. Lawsuits rocked the archaeology department.
Bad news. The only one who came out of it all right was Kyle.
As you recall, he was one of the few people on that dig who actually
ended up in Mayan archaeology. Most of the others had lost
their stomach for it.
You can remember Kyle Woodson very clearly. Big guy, but
soft spoken. One of those people who seems to get along with
everybody, and who really cares. He was the only graduate student
who wasn’t too high and mighty to share a tent with “the proles”,
that is, the undergrads. He really knew his archaeology, but never
talked down to you while explaining it. It’ll be good to see Kyle
again. Funny, you haven’t thought about Belize in years ....

Operation 5

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TO: Agents and friendlies of Cells M, Q, and Y
FROM:Cell C Agent Cyrus
Subject: Suspicious Murder in Phoenix, AZ


Cell A has been impressed with your work and feels it is time to bring you in on some of our ongoing operations. A Murder that occurred recently in Maricopa County,AZ matches the MO of an individual that Delta Green has been hunting for some time now. Please see the attached documents. I will meet you in the St. Louis Airport at 8am on December 19th in the "Cheers" bar.

Agent Cyrus

Found Items

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TO:All Delta Green Agents
FROM : Cell A
SUBJECT : Information for Agents
Our collective operations are above, around and often against the law. As Agents of Delta Green you will often acquire rare, valuable, and strange items. Delta Green agents must operate on their own for the most part. These items should be utilized by the teams that find them, destroyed if they are dangerous, or stored in a Green Box for use by other agents and teams. (REF ) Cell A is in as much danger if not more than individual agents. DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS TO US. We don't want them. If you have a specific item that you would like examined, Cell A can put you in touch with friendlies who will aid in analysis.

Agents are highly encourage to seek there own sources of funding. Cell A has no way to collect and redistribute funds you may acquire during operations. Cell A suggests you sock it away in a rainy day fund for that day you need high powered legal defense. Or maybe even to retire someplace warm. Setting up your own safe houses and green boxes is never a bad idea.

Speaking of safe houses. If you receive the Code Word DARK NIGHT through Delta Green Channels, then the Delta Server and/or CELL A has been compromised. All Agents should immediately go to ground at a safe house and contact their other Cell Members through alternate means.

Safe Houses and Green Boxes

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TO: Agents and friendlies of Cells M, Q, and Y
FROM : Cell A
SUBJECT : Safe Houses and Green Boxes

Cell A has determined you now have a need to know the following information:

Delta Green maintains safe houses in most major cities throughout the U.S and a few in foreign countries. You may use the safe houses at your discretion. Your access level to the Delta Green Server has been increased. You may get the location of the nearest safe house by using the code word "RABBIT HOLE" when contacting the Delta Green server by phone, email, or web. If any safe house is compromised you must report in to Cell A through the server.

Safe Houses are also the repository for Green Boxes. These are boxes that agents can use to store any gear or supernatural that they do not wish to keep themselves. Agents may also use any equipment present it a green box at a safe house. Keep in mind that supernatural artifacts are extremly dangerous and should be used only in dire emergencies.

Operation Four

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TO: Agents and friendlies of Cells M, Q, and Y
FROM : Agent William
SUBJECT : Serial Murders In Soho District of Manhattan

I suspect supernatural involvement in a series of murders in the Soho
District of New York City. The NYPD has officially requested the FBI
to aid in the investigation. A task fore of law enforcement
personell and civilian consultants is being briefed at 8pm 2 days
hence. Please travel to NY ASAP and contact me. I will brief you
prior to the meeting.

DG Agent William

Operation 3

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Three people have been brutally murdered in Glenville, NY. The local police do not have the experience to track a serial killer and have asked for the FBI's help. A strange substance was found underneath the fingernails of all three murder victims. The coroner sent the substance to the FBI for examination and Agent Mady was asked to do the analysis. Agent Mandy determined that the substance was not of human origin and suspects supernatural involvement in the murders. Agent Mady has contacted all of you through Delta Green communication channels and asked you to meet her in Glenville.

Operation Two

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TO: Agent Mandy, Agent Quinton, Agent Marshall, Agent Yardley, DG Friendly Brianna
FROM : Cell A
SUBJECT : Knoxville,TN

Please Report to FBI Special Agent James Derringer, who is friendly to DG in Knoxville,TN ASAP. A situation has arisen in Tennessee that requires your attention. The FBI and CDC are officially involved. Agents Mandy and Quinton have been assigned to the case under Special Agent Derringer. Agent Yardley, Agent Marshall, and Brianna will given FBI credentials for the duration of this operation. Be Careful, Majestic involvement is suspected

Congratulations on the Success of your last operation. Cell A was very pleased with the resolution.


End Of Message

You think to yourself, this has got to be about, Groversville, TN. Groversville has become the laughing stock of the nation. People have been reporting weird lights in the sky, cattle mutilations, and alien abductions. The national news outlets have covered the story as a "news of the weird" piece. The stories don't seem very credible though. Jay Leno and Letterman have been poking fun at Groversville for months.
There must be more to it........

Cell Strucutre

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